Welcome to the Train Jam 2017 Defender!

Buy wagons to defend yourself from the angry Chicago Pizza Cooks!

Build your train with up to 4 types of wagons

Speed up or slow down to avoid the killer pizzas!

There are 4 types of wagons :

- Blue: Designer wagons serve as shields, as attacks on them have reduced damage

-Green: Programmer wagons have ranged attacks

-Yellow: Music wagons debuff the enemies, reducing their attack speed and movement speed

-Red: Artist wagons have melee attacks *these are not working at the moment*


- While in the station, click on the '

- Once you have bought everything you need, press enter to start moving.

- Use the left and right keys to slow down or speed up, respectively. You can use this to avoid enemies.

Win condition: Kill 20 enemies without dying.

Lose condition: Once you have no wagons attached to the engnie you lose. Press escape key to go back to the menu.

button to buy wagons with your tickets.{replace12}{replace13}{replace14}{replace15}


TrainJam.zip 27 MB

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